What is Lyoness?

What is Lyoness?

What is Lyoness?
Lyoness is a global shopping community, as well as a Merchant Loyalty Program for retailers. The philosophy is "money back with every purchase”. Members and Loyalty Merchants profit from Lyoness Benefits with every purchase made through a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. To make this possible Lyoness employs an unique loyalty rewarding system supported by an state-of-the-art accounting program.

Lyoness presently counts close to 4 million members in 45 countries (47 in July 2014). It includes about 39,000 merchants (with about 700 chain stores) and about 5,000 online businesses making available some 130 million products and services.

Lyoness is ISO 9001 certified and its benefits are available at some 150,000 acceptance places globally.

NOTE: Lyoness DOES NOT sell any products. It offers a FREE membership card which empowers you to get cashback while shopping and make money on purchases that are happening in your team. A fraction of the profit from merchants can now benefit you when anyone from your members, including yourself, shop through Lyoness. Lyoness dedicates a fraction of the comission to the Child and Family and Greenfinity foundations.

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