Premium Membership

Premium Membership

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You CANNOT become a PREMIUM member by pre-placing 7/3/3 units anymore. Lyoness said in the past they will remove that option in the future and they did.

You can become a premium member with TIME, by becoming a LYCONET MARKETER. Please watch Lyconet video here.

That leaves the info below as historical reference only:


Why become Premium member?

  1. Pre-place 7/3/3 units in your accounting grid and benefit from units created in your team
  2. Enjoy Lyoness' 10 ways of rewarding you for loyalty
  3. Start including SME's into your network to grow significantly
  4. Start building a Lyoness career up to Presidents team and receive bonuses from Lyoness on a global level

Career level plan:

5 Lyoness Premium Benefits