The Perpetuum Shop Project

The Perpetuum Shop Project

This is a project site for information and collaboration of Perpetuum $hop team members around the World.

How much money did you spend in the last 10 years on food, gas, clothing, furniture, electronics, etc.?

If you could get half, a third, or even 10% of that money back right now, this would surely be a nice amount that you could use.


Well, this is exactly what Lyoness makes possible with their loyalty benefit program and depending on your goals and your team activities, you could build something where you will start receiving a portion of that spent money back. How much of it? That depends on you and your team.

For some people it works in a way that they are getting a larger portion of their spending back because they have build teams that make this possible.


Some others have gained their financial independence so they don't have to give time for money anymore.

Regardless of what your goal is, our goal is to make you reach your goal. By working together our contributions add up into a larger and stronger team.

In order to achieve your goal we need to build an educated team of people who will use the system, spread it, and benefit from it.


Think about becoming a part of such a team to get where you want to be.

Make a decision and join us today.


Regardless of what you end up doing get it does not cost you a anything to SAVE while shopping when you get your FREE membership (Regular Member) card here (yes it does not cost anything and you get cashback when shopping in 46 countries by over 40,000 merchants; over 5,000 online merchants included).


Lyoness: "Together we are strong".