M-Term for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

M-Term for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME)

What is an SME?

Lyoness defined it in the US as any business which has up to 10 branches and/or 100 employees.

How does an SME benefit from Lyoness loyalty program?

  1. Receives own loyalty program for the fraction of cost of making its own
  2. Ties its existing customer base with a new loyalty card
  3. Attracts existing Lyoness members who are seeking merchant benefits
  4. Registers new Lyoness members into their team and profits from their purchases elsewhere
  5. Enjoys free Lyoness marketing options
  6. Receives exposure on Lyoness international website visited by millions of visitors
  7. Finds presence in Lyoness smart phone application
  8. Lowers its marketing expense and with Lyoness loyalty program knows the marketing effectiveness through the referral metrics

How does an SME operate as a Lyoness loyalty merchant?

  1. SME receives a M-Term package from Lyoness which includes a tablet with a licensed software for transaction registration
  2. SME receives additional marketing material to use it at its location
  3. SME receives 1,000 initial cashback cards for registering new Lyoness members into their team
  4. SME pays back to Lyoness agreed upon member benefits after receiving invoice from Lyoness' billing cycle

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For Small and Medium Merchants

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