With Lyoness, you cannot only go shopping but also increase your shopping budget and earn an additional income with Lyconet. Lyconet offers people with vision and dedication an extraordinary chance: The opportunity to build up a regional, national or even an international Shopping Network. Refer Lyoness to others and start benefiting from the Friendship Bonus and other Benefits. The bigger your Shopping Network, the more purchases volume and the more Benefits for you.



Benefits vs. Costs


There are 3 ways you can benefit from Lyoness-Lyconet:
1. As Lyoness member consumer (person)
2. As Lyconet Independent Marketer (person) [2 modes: regular & premium]
3. As Lyconet SME (small and medium enterprise) Merchant (business)

Benefits resprectivelly:
1. Receive cashback on every purchase and collect shopping points which you redeem in future shopping
2. Same as 1 + spread your network with new members and businesses and earn comission from all their shopping for the rest of your life
3. Same as 1 and 2 + receive increased sales, loyal customers, and free measurable marketing for life

Cost resprectivelly:
2. Marketer packages and online tools starting at $150/year
3. One time fee (approx. $3K) for LIFETIME MARKETING (M-Term, license + 1,000 cards for new memberships) See the new Cashback Program Plans here


Lyoness has been founded in 2003 Austria, Europe, and since then has grown Worldwide and is present in 46 countries, on 5 continents today. It has over 40,000 merchants in its network (with 700 chains), 5,000 online merchants and over 4 million members. 2020 year goal is 350 million - 1 billion members, and 1 million merchants.


As a Lyoness member, you receive cashback by every purchase and additional benefits when you shop within Lyoness network in any of the 46 countries where Lyoness is present.

Being an Independent Marketer is like owning your business within Lyoness and working on expanding your shopping network in your area and wider (limited to 46 Countries where Lyoness is present). You benefit from the shopping of your entire network and as more people you have in your "lifeline" the more money you are making as you progress in your career up to level 8. Your job becomes easier when you introduce small businesses into your network.


Small businesses join Lyoness network for a small (considering what they are receiving) one-time fee and enjoy free marketing on Lyoness network for life (measurable merketing campaigns) and can push extra offers and sales through their M-Term device directly to millions of Lyoness members.

Please watch the this video presentation:



4Contractors shows you some US stores where you can use Lyoness benefits if you are contractor.

GiftCards shows you some major US companies where you can use gift cards purchased from Lyoness for less amount than the original value of the gift card (i.e. you purchase $100 Home Depot card for $96).

SME folder has some additional info documents and videos for businesses.


Here you can see some SME testimonials.


If you are a SME business (up to 100 employees) and you are interested to join Lyoness' 40,000 merchants, please print and fill in the enclosed PDF document, then fax it to Lyoness America in NYC or forward it to Nerko (respective contacts shown below).

Lyoness America Inc.
Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Ave.
Suite 2710
New York, NY 10118
Tel: 001 (888) 565-8089
Fax: 001 (646) 537-1728

For more information please contact me:

Cell: 312-532-6261 Nerko (Chicago, USA)

We are looking forward for you to join our Chicago team to work together for mutual benefit.